Dual-Active Hair Care

With the power of nature:
The ULTIMATE INNOVATION for the hair care of today

Two intensive years in research, development and in-salon testing, the effort was enormous and it paid off. The Great Lengths Dual-Active Hair Care System is the ultimate innovation for naturally healthy hair. Never before has hair care been so comprehensive, so effective and long lasting.

Hair today is subjected to extreme stress. Beyond ones styling regimen, light, air, and water come together and form “free radicals” that have a direct and constant negative effect on hair.

With natures help, we found the best defenses against free radicals with two special active ingredients from the seed of the “Pinot Noir” grape. The patented raw material GSP-T® is the foundation of this new and groundbreaking Great Lengths Dual-Active Hair Care System.

As the producer of the world’s most beautiful hair extensions, Great Lengths knows hair. Now, the Great Lengths Dual-Active Hair Care System gives every client the opportunity to have luxurious, healthy, beautiful hair.


The GreatWave™ Brush

The GreatWave™ brush is the world’s only brush that utilizes unique, wave shaped nylon bristles charged with Ionic Minerals. Its unique  barrel shape creates more of an open-ended wave, or can be used to smooth the hair straight and give lift and a beveled edge without curl.

• Faster drying time     • Deeper moisture penetration     • Silky, shiny, conditioned hair

Ideal for extension wearers, the bristles are designed to grip the hair and create a silky effect while easily passing over hair extension attachment sites. Clients without extensions will love it too!



Great Lengths Brushes by Acca Kappa:

Designed specifically for Great Lengths, this high performance brush collection is produced by famed brush manufacturer Acca Kappa located in Treviso IT, the official brush maker for Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family.

The Great Lengths natural cushion brush with tufts of pure boar and twin monofilament pins in soft nylon allows for damage free detangling and voluminous, smooth blow-outs.  Ideal for long hair and extension wearers, brush luxuriously! 

Available in three paddle style sizes; Small Oval, Oval and Square.